Friday Night Shadowrun

People of Interest

Fang Arterius Terrestrial XIV – Conjurer of unknown influence and power. Seeking to overthrow the great pumpkin and take over the Halloweeners

Bullet Time – Some old movie style detective who shuns technology and magic. He’s tracking you all so keep an eye out. Even an unmodded mundane can get an easy kill when you leave your guard down.

Completed Jobs

Hey there chummers! I’m in the business of having something delivered for me discreetly. Some upstart is trying to take my place as head of the Holloweeners (can you believe that he’s a new guy and only 16?). I require some runners to deliver a nondescript package masked with my own magic to someone in Everett. A contact of mine who purchased this Telesma. It’s imperative you evade my gangers as they’ll try to jump you for the package as a means of bringing me down.

- Linus “The Great Pumpkin” Completed

Available Jobs

Hey there. Recently there’s been this chummer running around geeking my pals. I’ll tell you straight up that I’m affiliated with Humanis Policlub. I need this guy dead. Circ is his street name and he’s one hell of a powerful Troll mercenary. This guy isn’t even killing Humanis members most of the time. Killing one person who has a secret affiliation his family doesn’t know about is fine, especially when you run with Humanis, but targeting our families and friends who have no idea and torturing them to death? The worst part is his backup who’s obsessed with games. I forget his name but the ass uses the fact that one out of every 10 people they kill is Humanis so they’re the good guys. I think his name was Glitch or something gamey like that.

- Dennis Waldman

Hey there chummers! I need a protection escort to get to California and back safely. Free Cal is a rough place and LA is terrible. There are some losers there jealous of my fame and fortune. They used to be my friends, until I became somebody instead of losing myself to drugs and stupid drama. Anyways I was told they became a runner team on their own. A very well connected runner team that is quite able to get past any standard security I might handle. This is where I need your help. Wage for this one will be different than you are are used to but still lucrative if you help me out Omae.

- Rick Jones (This starts a very long run/adventure path I designed called “Losers in LA”)

I’m not sure where to begin but I need help. I think my superiors are muddying the waters of my case. I’m looking for a rogue doctor who’s been making and selling clones to a known terrorist. His name is Gillian Meyers. The terrorist was named Bones or Hangman or some stupid shit like that. I don’t care about him he was iced by a dragon he made the mistake of working with long ago. I want this doctor though, I recently found evidence that he’s been bankrolled by my dear captain. Contact me for details.

-Detective Katie Grant, Lone Star

The team needs to steal the prize of an illegal magical duel tournament for me. The duels are until incapacitation of one of the contestants. The team will follow the mage as his “pit team” or entourage to gain entry. While the mage fights the rest of you will steal the prize.

-Dr. Winger


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